Family Counseling Seattle

What is Family Counseling?

How many times have you regretted how a family conversation ended? Have you thought about changing it, not ending in screaming but peacefully?

A fact is that those what-ifs are huge as loved ones can face different challenges in a family structure. Maybe there is a major life transition taking place.

The good news is there is help available to change the family dynamics with a family therapist to leave the regrets of the what-ifs in the past.

Family Counseling Seattle WA 98122

With the guidance of a trained counselor, you can mend old wounds, build a stronger family ties and open the lines of communication.

You can start living a brighter future when meeting with one of the Marriage Counseling Seattle family therapists.

We look forward to helping all families in Seattle to thrive.

What Issues Do Our Family Therapists Address?

Problems in a family vary from one to another. Still, those ups and downs are challenging for all involved. Eventually, the downs outweigh the ups resulting from long-standing issues.

Hence responding to them with grace and patience is not always easy. If you and your family face a challenge, the change is that it falls into the following categories listed here:

Child Behavioral Problems

These problems can stem from anything from abuse or bullying and can result from ADHD, a mental health issue. It can also be tied to communication problems, stress, substance abuse, genetics, addiction, and sibling rivalry.

Guardian or Parent Concerns

When a separation or divorce takes place, there is rivalry between the guardians or parents. This can have a considerable impact on the family dynamics.

Major Life Changes

Financial uncertainty or significant life events like kids going to college, starting school, or even moving to a job loss or a new one results in major transitions, leaving all feeling lost.

Different Opinions on Health Issues

Not everyone in a family agrees about politics, religion, or gender identity to their sexual orientation. The same applies when a family member faces a terminal illness, as it changes the entire family structure. It can be that a family member suffers from anxiety or depression and needs to be addressed.

If any of these sound familiar, we recommend you schedule a family counseling session with Marriage Counseling of Seattle. Together you and your loved ones can address the problem to work towards a healthy solution for all.

"We went for family counseling when my parents fought about everything. Both of them worked to get us kids through school and we did not always make things easier for them. With the family counselor, we worked as a family together to make our parent's life a bit easier and they ended up communication more than screaming at each other." 

- Jill Bosman (Seattle)

What You Can Expect With Family Counseling 

The therapy will depend on the family crisis you have and needs addressing. Also, it will depend on the child's age and can vary based on the receptiveness related to different forms of therapy.

Unfortunately, there is no one therapy model; it is more of a personalized experience. Yet, no matter the form of treatment plan selected, you can feel assured that our counselors will provide a safe and open environment for all.

You can expect to learn different skills to benefit from it:

  • Effective communication
  • Dynamic listening
  • Enriched empathy
  • Enhanced problem-solving
  • Clearer and healthier boundaries
  • Higher levels of confidence and gratitude
  • Coping techniques
  • Ownership of behaviors

You can obtain skills through play or narrative therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and many other forms of counseling. In addition, we provide individual-to-group therapy sessions for families. You can count on us to help.

Family can benefit from therapy Seattle WA 98122

Start Working With Marriage Counseling Seattle Today

Caring for the family is essential, and deciding to attend family therapy sessions together is the first and most important step you can take. Family therapy provides many benefits:

  • Families improve their communication
  • It helps improve listening
  • Families learn self-awareness

Still, if not all family members are on board, we urge you to speak to them about its positive impact on your lives. When trying something different, family members can feel intimidated.

But you need not threaten, as our professionals create a comfortable space where each family member can be heard and understood. So, please speak to one of our therapists online or schedule an appointment for the evening to the weekend.

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