Grief Counseling Seattle

Grief Counseling

Grief typically happens after you lose a loved one. But it can occur after emotional or physical trauma, ending personal or work relationships, or a lost opportunity. Without the proper treatment, the symptoms of grief take over your life. However, a trained grief counselor allows you to recover from grief and live everyday life faster.

Marriage Counseling Seattle has experienced grief counselors that offer individual to group sessions to help past the feeling of grief. Schedule your free consultation with us today.


How Can Grief Therapy in Seattle Help?

When you lose someone or something, you respond with grief to your loss. It is a painful response with emotional and physical feelings. Grief comes in different forms, mainly related to losing a loved one. You can also experience distress from the following:

  • Job loss
  • Losing a relationship
  • Trauma physically and emotionally
  • Losing a pet or loved one
  • Family strain
  • Miscarriage or a stillbirth
  • A bad relationship
  • Lost opportunities like not taking the promotion or going to college
  • Things left unsaid

"I lost my sun in a car accident but gained a grandson. But the grief remained as I could not determine what caused the accident. Also, my son was diabetic, and I could not figure out whether he got a blackout. But I knew with the grief eating up, I needed help, so I went for grief counseling. I am caring for my grandson now, but I can do it without the pain I used to feel of losing my son."

- Marinda Knox (Seattle)

The Importance of Grief Counseling 

With grief counseling in Seattle, we can help you navigate through the symptoms you are experiencing:

Emotional Signs Include:

  • Shock and Doubt
  • Bafflement
  • Feeling Numb and Denial
  • Despair and Sadness Lead to Loneliness
  • Feeling Empty Inside or Guilt of Regret and Shame
Recovering from Grief Seattle WA 98122
    • Anger to Resentment or Feeling Irritable
    • Lack of Motivation of Losing Interest in Activities
    • Anxiety, Insecurity, Helplessness, and Suicidal Thoughts

Physical Signs Include:

    • Fatigue, Nightmares, Nausea, Sickness, and Weight Gain/Loss
    • Heart Palpitations and Trouble Breathing
    • Feeling Faint or Lightheaded
    • Insomnia

Counseling for Grief

When grief strikes, talking to family and friends does not always help. Grief counseling in Seattle offers you a compassionate and safe place to talk about your feelings and pain.

With grief therapy, you can process your pain and whatever you are feeling right now, and it is valid and okay. You will learn to cope and navigate through the emotions you feel.

At the same time, you learn healthy coping skills to deal with your loss. For example, when starting with grief counseling, there is no time limit on your grieving process.

Still, it is effective at any time of the loss, whether for a few days or years. Grief counseling can be effective, so schedule an appointment today with one of our grief counselors.

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