Paramount Theatre

Nestled in the heart of the Seattle, Washington area, the Paramount Theatre offers a historic and elegant venue for the performing arts. With its remarkable architecture and vibrant calendar of events, this theatre contributes significantly to the region's rich cultural fabric.

History of the Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre opened its doors in 1928 as a venue for vaudeville performances and silent movies. As time passed, it evolved to meet the demands of changing entertainment trends while preserving its historical significance.

  • Early Beginnings: Constructed by Paramount Pictures, the theatre was initially known as the Seattle Theatre.
  • Transition: Over the years, the theatre transitioned from silent films to talkies and later to live performances.
  • Preservation: Despite facing demolition in the 90s, the theatre was saved and restored, ensuring its continued place in Seattle's cultural life.

Architectural Grandeur

The Paramount Theatre's architectural details are a spectacle boasting a French Renaissance style.

  • Main Hall: The theatre's main hall features grand chandeliers, ornate molding, and a lavish auditorium with seating for over 2,800 guests.
  • Stage: The stage is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest and can accommodate different performance types.
  • Wurlitzer Organ: The theatre houses one of the last remaining and still functioning Wurlitzer theatre organs.

Performances and Events

The Paramount Theatre has become a cornerstone of performing arts in the city.

  • Broadway Shows: The theatre regularly hosts touring Broadway productions, providing audiences with a taste of New York City's theatre scene.
  • Music Concerts: Various artists across musical genres perform at the Paramount, making it a diverse music venue.
  • Comedy and Dance: The theatre also offers a platform for stand-up comedy shows, ballet performances, and other dance forms.

Education and Community Programs

Beyond just performances, the Paramount Theatre is committed to enriching the Seattle community through its education and outreach programs.

  • Education Programs: These programs aim to engage and inspire students by offering access to live theatre and interactive workshops.
  • Community Outreach: The theatre partners with local organizations to provide free or discounted tickets to underserved communities.

The Paramount Experience

A visit to the Paramount Theatre provides much more than just a performance.

  • Dining: The theatre is surrounded by various dining options, providing a complete evening out.
  • Guided Tours: Tours offer an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the theatre, exploring its history and architectural highlights.
  • Accessibility: The Paramount is committed to providing accessible performances and facilities, ensuring all patrons can enjoy their visit.


The Paramount Theatre is not just an iconic building in Seattle. It is a living piece of the city's history, a vibrant hub for the arts, and an active participant in the community. Whether it's the latest Broadway hit, a heart-stirring ballet, or a foot-tapping concert, the Paramount Theatre creates unforgettable experiences for every visitor, genuinely living up to its tagline - "The People's Theatre."