Work and Career Counseling Seattle

Work and Career Issues

With the technological atmosphere in Seattle, it can cause unprecedented burnout leading to work-related stress.

Not only does the everchanging technology cause stress, but you may find yourself the work gossip or even getting bullied.

At Marriage Counseling Seattle, we present you with work and career counseling to help you deal with your work problems.

We can help you set up boundaries between your personal and work life. Please schedule an appointment with us today.

Highly Stressful Jobs or Careers Seattle WA 98122

Let Us Help You Cope With Work-Related Stress 

With us, our clients seek work and career counseling in Seattle for different situations.

One can be not being able to balance their personal and work life. While others develop anxiety to depression as they can not cope with the workload or co-workers communicating effectively.

So, if you relate to the above, you need not feel anxious, depressed, lose your self-worth, or feel exhausted-we can help you deal with this and more.

"I felt that I was working a dead-end job and could not decide what to do. I spoke to a work and career counselor who helped me decide what is best for me. I have change my career and took a leap of faith working for myself."

- Richard Hughes (Seattle)

What Causes Stress in a Workplace 

You can find several factors causing work stress pushing you to seek counseling. These include:

  • A toxic work environment
  • Unrealistic requests
  • Poor interpersonal connections with co-workers
  • Bullying or gossiping
  • Abusive work environment or supervisor
  • The incapability of managing the demands of work and personal life
  • Challenges faced at home create obstacles to being productive at work

Or you are stuck in a job that has no meaning for you giving you the fulfillment you need. With work and career counseling, you can learn effective ways to help your distress and build interpersonal skills in your work-demanding environment.

Work and Career Issues Seattle WA 98122

How We Can Help

Our therapists at Marriage Counseling Seattle use different approaches to help you manage your work stress. You will work with a counselor on a tailor-made plan that best suits your needs and goals. We can use

  • CBT Therapy
  • EMDR or CPT Therapy
  • DBT Therapy
  • Provide Career Counseling
  • Mindfulness

Get help with us today to overcome the debilitating stress, trauma, depression, and anxiety caused by your job demands. Let us guide you with our expertise and compassion to help you thrive at work and improve your well-being at the same time.