Marriage Counseling of Seattle

Marriage Counseling of Seattle

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Struggling with a partner is frantic yet exhausting. At times it can feel hopeless. Yet, there is good news. We know how to help you get unstuck!

Marriage Counseling Seattle can help. Our therapy practice is very selective about which counselors we invite to join our group. Each therapist we have is trained to use a blend of Marriage Counseling methods and emotionally focused couples therapy.

We can help you understand interpersonal and intrapersonal struggles to help you communicate better, feel more securely connected, and repair after fights.

Whatever you feel you need to confide in, we are here to provide you with relationship counseling.We cover all areas, from Premarital and Infidelity Counseling to Divorce Counseling, Premarital Counseling, Family Counseling, to help you resolve any issues.

You need not struggle through these situations alone, as our family and marriage therapists have the experience to help you in Seattle. We can help you cope with painful situations to recover from substance abuse,  anxiety, stress, addiction etc.

No longer do you have to struggle through these situations alone, our marriage and family therapists have a lot of experience in helping people like you all around Seattle, we have helped many couples and families come to terms with painful situations and recover from anxiety, stress and chemical abuse.

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Couples Therapy

You have tried to fix the relationship...

Infidelity Counseling

Finding out your partner betrayed...

Family Counseling

In times of need, families can be very supportive, yet there...

Grief Counseling

Grief comes in many forms, from ...

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a natural thing that ...

Stress Management

Stress is part of our daily lives...

Work & Career Counseling

Are you the target of company gossip or harassment at work? You need not go through it alone. Perhaps you are finding it difficult to feel motivated, or you cannot find job satisfaction with your career. If you relate to any of these, contact us today for work & career counseling in Seattle. We cater to stress management for any work-related issues. 

Addiction & Recovery Counseling

Addiction is not only about substance or alcohol abuse. You can find many habits, from gambling, shopping, sexual addiction, and more. All of these addictions can cause problems in a family or at work.

Are you ready to restore your relationship?

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Whats Our Client are saying

- Morgan

"He [Sam] was able to so quickly and so effectively get to the root of the issues that were negatively effecting my life and in the following sessions he was able help me release and let go of those issues in a way that had felt more effective than anything I have previously experience.  I can't recommend him enough, because it didn't feel like what we expect therapy to feel like, it just felt like it actually worked!"


"Its just 10 times easier now to get through those things, and it didn't take us very long, we didn't have to spend a year in therapy, rehashing all of the fights and all of the things.  It just focused on where we got stuck and how to work through that, to be able to meet each others needs."

Marriage Counseling of Seattle

No matter what situation you find yourself in Seattle, Marriage Counseling of Seattle is here to help. Discuss your problems with one of our therapists today matched to your concerns of anxiety, addiction, infidelity, and family concerns. We have qualified therapists that care about your needs. They will provide a personalized treatment plan to help you cope daily. Do not struggle with your problems alone. Contact us now for help.