Premarital Counseling Seattle

Premarital Counseling

Are you ready to tie the knot? Or are you engaged and cannot wait for the big day?

Perhaps the big day is nearing, but you and your partner argue about everything and are unsure if it is wedding stress or some other deeper concern.

Whether you are in your first serious relationship or have been engaged before, you might worry about the following:

  • Parenting and if you both want children
  • Trying to balance work life to financial goals
  • Wondering about family members' relationships, including blending families
  • Each one's commitment to the marriage and expectations of conflict resolution and communication

Regardless of your desires or concerns, if you want to get to know your partner on a deeper level, premarital counseling in Seattle can help.

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You Can Benefit From Premarital Guidance

Planning for the wedding is an exciting time, but you can become focused on the wedding and forget about what is next in the future marriage.

With premarital counseling in Seattle, you can get to know your partner to unlock a lasting connection. Then, when you work with an experienced premarital therapist, you and your partner can prepare for a challenging, joyful, and ecstatic journey.

"We both decided to go for premarital counseling as both our parents ended up in divorce. We have learned more from each other and our roles in the marriage. We cannot wait for the big day."

- Teddy and Bella (Seattle)

Build a Deep and Enduring Connection 

When we work with engaged or almost engaged couples, we present them with a short-term focus to identify and resolve issues lurking beneath the surface.

Even if you already have a problem crashing your wedding, we help you to communicate and find solutions.

We will meet with you individually and together to understand your values and shared hopes and move forward with a fulfilling relationship.

Still, issues are not the only primary focus of premarital counseling. We also emphasize your strengths and encourage you to define the relationship positively.

Marriage Counseling Seattle will equip you with tools to enjoy a productive conversation and still have fun.

Premarital Counseling Benefits Seattle WA 98122

With the correct help to build a firm relationship foundation, nothing is impossible for you and your partner. So start on the right foot with premarital counseling in Seattle today. Marriage Counseling Seattle is here to help and ready to take your call.

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