Addiction and Recovery Counseling Seattle

What is Addiction?

One disease that affects the brain is addiction. Unfortunately, you cannot separate your brain from your mind, spirit, and body, as addiction affects all these.

So, addiction and recovery counseling incorporates all the elements to be successful. Mindfulness recovery therapy involves specific therapies to meditation to help aid recovery no matter the addiction you have.

Here at Marriage Counseling Seattle, we provide a dialectical behavior therapy program that adheres to different principles using mindfulness rehabilitation. It is very effective for treating various forms of addiction.

If you want to learn more about our treatment plans to recover from your addiction, contact us, and we will answer all your questions.

Addiction Counseling Seattle WA 98122

Signs of Addiction 

Addiction, when it changes your brain, fills it with pleasure hormones to engage with the addiction, bypassing your self-control mechanisms. For each person, addiction looks different. But there are common signs present depending on the habit.

Physical Signs:

  • Repetitive Speech
  • Weight Loss
  • Hyperactivity or Interactivity
  • Red Eyes to Dilated Pupils
  • Excessive Sniffing
  • Undernourished or Looking Pale
  • Unpleasant Body Odor

Behavioral Signs

  • Not able to concentrate
  • The person isolates
  • Always keeping secrets
  • Having relationship problems
  • Missing school, work, or personal engagements
  • Lying to cover their addiction
  • Financial problems
  • Defensive about everything
  • Cannot handle stress
  • Irritable
  • Loss of interest in activities and people
  • In denial about the problem
  • Easily confused, silly, or obnoxious

Depending on the addiction, whether substance abuse, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or anything else, it damages the career, relationships, finances, or even physical health.

For this reason, intervention is needed to help stop the downward cycle from helping the person, or yourself find stability again.

If you are ready to change your life, consider making an appointment for addiction and recovery counseling in Seattle.

"Friends dared me to steal an item in the shop. This made me feel an adrenaline rush I never felt before. I made it part of my life but got caught. My mom spoke to a therapist at Marriage Counseling Seattle and as it was still a minor offense I came light off it. I started addiction and recover counseling to help me fight my shoplifting addiction. I am so glad that I go help." 

Jolene Weston (Seattle North)

Risk Factors Associated With Addiction

Addiction can afflict any person at any time, but some people are more vulnerable to addictions. You have a family and genetic history of addiction playing a huge role in addiction development.

For some people, it happens with pressure as it is a way to relax, fit into social groups, or even gain acceptance from others. However, even emotional trauma can lead to substance abuse as it helps numb the pain finding relief.

No matter your addiction or its reasons, our counselors can help you gain control of your life. Connect with one of our addiction and recovery therapists in Seattle today.

Addiction recovery counseling Seattle WA 98122

Start Your Addiction Treatment Program in Seattle

Are you struggling with an addiction? You need not go through it alone. The most crucial step is to recover and reach out for support. When you are ready, start your addiction and recovery therapy in Seattle here with us. Contact us seven days a week for in-person or online appointments. Call Marriage Counseling Seattle now to start the road to addiction recovery.

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