Argosy Cruises - Seattle Waterfront

In the heart of Seattle, WA, Argosy Cruises is a premier attraction, offering a unique and intimate way to explore the city's vibrant waterfront. Renowned for their unmatched hospitality and insightful tours, they provide an unparalleled experience of Seattle's rich maritime history, stunning skyline, and iconic landmarks.

Variety of Tour Options

Argosy Cruises offers several tour options, ensuring every visitor has the perfect experience for their interests and time constraints.

  • Harbor Tour: An hour-long introduction to Seattle's waterfront, including Elliot Bay, the Seattle skyline, and the bustling Port of Seattle.
  • Locks Cruise: A two-and-a-half-hour journey from freshwater to saltwater, traversing the impressive Ballard Locks and showcasing Seattle's beautiful residential areas.
  • Lake Union Cruise: An exciting exploration of Lake Union's lively houseboat communities, with stunning views of the Space Needle and Gas Works Park.
  • Blake Island Excursion: An all-day adventure to the historic Blake Island State Park, home to the Tillicum Excursion, a fascinating cultural experience showcasing Native American heritage.

Knowledgeable Crew and Guides

The expert crew at Argosy Cruises is eager to make every journey special. With their depth of local knowledge, the guides narrate engaging tales of Seattle's past and present. Expect to hear about the city's pioneers, the thriving tech industry, and even the local wildlife, offering a broader understanding of Seattle's rich culture and heritage.

Dining Options and Amenities

Guests can use various amenities to enhance their cruise experience on an Argosy Cruise. The cruises offer onboard concessions with a selection of local snacks and beverages. For those seeking a more formal dining option, the Blake Island Excursion includes a traditional salmon bake, part of a unique Native American cultural experience.

Accessibility and Safety

Argosy Cruises is committed to making its experiences accessible to all. The ADA-compliant vessels provide comfortable seating and excellent views for all passengers. The crew is trained in safety protocols and first aid, ensuring guests can relax and enjoy their cruise with peace of mind.

Location and Booking

Argosy Cruises is conveniently located at Pier 55 on Seattle's waterfront, making it a breeze to include in your Seattle itinerary. You can book tickets online in advance or purchase them at the ticket booth on the day of your cruise. It's recommended to book ahead during peak tourist season to secure your preferred time slot.

Final Thoughts

Argosy Cruises is a quintessential part of any Seattle trip. Whether you're a first-time visitor looking for a unique way to experience the city or a local seeking a refreshing perspective on familiar surroundings, a cruise on the waters of Seattle is an experience you will want to experience. Embark on an Argosy Cruise and witness firsthand the beauty, history, and character that make Seattle one of America's most fascinating cities.