Pier 66

Just a stone's throw away from downtown, near Seattle, WA, Pier 66, also known as Bell Street Pier, serves as a centerpiece of Seattle's vibrant waterfront. This dynamic spot pulsates with life, offering visitors an eclectic mix of dining, entertainment, and stunning panoramic views.


Pier 66's journey began in 1902, with its original incarnation as a cargo handling facility. Over the years, it has undergone numerous transformations. The current version of Pier 66 was unveiled in 1994, presenting itself as a state-of-the-art cruise terminal and a hub for waterfront activities.

Architectural Highlights

Pier 66 showcases the unique charm of the Pacific Northwest through its architectural design.

Key features include:

  • The Bell Harbor Marina: Home to hundreds of private vessels.
  • The remarkable Bell Harbor International Conference Center
  • A 300-foot pedestrian bridge: Linking the waterfront to the city.
  • The scenic Anthony's Pier 66: A three-story seafood restaurant with incredible views.

Culinary Experiences

One of the highlights of Pier 66 is its diverse food and beverage offerings. From gourmet seafood to delicious street food, there is something for every palate:

  • Anthony's Pier 66: This upscale restaurant offers fresh seafood, fine wines, and sweeping views of Elliott Bay.
  • Fisherman's Restaurant & Bar: Known for its delightful clam chowder and fish & chips.
  • The Crab Pot: A fun, casual dining experience where you can get messy with their famous SeaFeast.

Activities and Events

Pier 66 offers a variety of recreational activities and hosts numerous events throughout the year:

  • Bell Harbor Marina: This full-service marina offers boat rentals for an exhilarating day on the water.
  • Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal: As the primary departure point for Alaska cruises, it's always buzzing with excitement.
  • Bell Street Pier Cruise Terminal: This terminal hosts numerous maritime events, including the annual Seattle Boat Show.
  • Seattle Art Fair: A yearly event held at Pier 66 featuring local and international artists.

Environmental Efforts

Pier 66 is a green facility, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability through various measures:

  • It utilizes energy-efficient lighting and heating systems.
  • Waste management practices include composting and recycling.
  • Efforts to minimize water usage with low-flow fixtures and native landscaping.

Accessibility and Convenience

Pier 66 ensures the comfort and convenience of its visitors with a range of services:

  • Easy access to public transportation, including the Seattle Streetcar and Water Taxi.
  • Facilities such as ATMs, public restrooms, and ample parking spaces.
  • Nearby accommodations, including the Seattle Marriott Waterfront Hotel.


Pier 66 serves as a testimony to the city's rich maritime history and evolving cosmopolitan vibe, which offers more than a simple waterfront experience. Its unique blend of history, architecture, dining, and recreational activities promises an engaging, memorable visit for locals and tourists alike. Whether you are embarking on an Alaskan cruise, seeking to enjoy the finest Pacific Northwest seafood, or simply wanting to take in the breathtaking views, Pier 66 is your perfect destination.