Roxhill is an alluring neighborhood in Seattle, WA. Famed for its vibrant community, lush park, and convenient location, Roxhill is a neighborhood that exudes charm and offers a lifestyle of convenience and leisure.

A Stroll Through History

Roxhill has a long and unique history that dates back to the late 1800s. It was originally part of the Elliott Bay area, which was once occupied by settlers from England and Scandinavia. The neighborhood started to take shape in 1906 when the street car line first ran through it, connecting Roxhill with downtown Seattle. In 1950, the Northwest Freeway opened and quickly became a major connector for people traveling between Seattle and Bellevue.

Amenities for a Fulfilling Lifestyle

Roxhill ensures residents are always close to essential amenities, making the neighborhood comfortable and convenient.

  • Roxhill Elementary School: An esteemed institution serving the community.
  • Westwood Village: A nearby shopping center providing everything from grocery stores to eateries.
  • Roxhill Park: A beautiful park featuring wetlands, play areas, and a skatepark.

Housing in Roxhill

Roxhill provides a variety of housing options, mainly consisting of single-family homes. House pricing in Roxhill is relatively affordable compared to other Seattle neighborhoods, making it an attractive choice for young families and first-time homebuyers.

Local Attractions

Roxhill's location in Seattle, WA, places it near many local attractions, such as:

  • Downtown Seattle: Home to iconic landmarks such as the Space Needle and Pike Place Market.
  • Alki Beach: A stunning beachfront offering picturesque views of the Seattle skyline.

Within Roxhill itself, residents enjoy the following:

  • Longfellow Creek: A four-mile trail that meanders through the neighborhood, perfect for walking or biking.
  • Roxhill Bog: A unique wetland area home to several plant and animal species.

The Heart of Roxhill: Community and Education

Roxhill's heart lies in its robust community and dedication to education. Residents actively participate in community events, contributing to the neighborhood's friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, Roxhill's emphasis on education, with several top-rated schools in the vicinity, ensures it's a family-friendly neighborhood.

Exploring Roxhill

Roxhill shines as a community-oriented and affordable neighborhood in Seattle, WA. With its diverse housing options, essential amenities, and proximity to local attractions, Roxhill offers a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

Experience the community spirit, explore the verdant Roxhill Park, and immerse yourself in the peaceful residential streets that define Roxhill. You may find that it's the neighborhood you've been looking for.

Here in Roxhill, you won't just find a house – you'll find a home.